Keith Gary Productions

Professional world-class audio production.

Keith Gary has been working professionally in the music industry for fifteen years as a producer, engineer, & mixer.  He has an organic and unique approach to producing music.  Expert engineering and mixing, as well as overall musical guidance, based on a wealth of experience in all genres of music, from classical to metal.  Creativity, artistry, spontaneity, and collaboration are the keys to his methods.

2018 Unguarded Heart, Carla Ryder (Mixing)

2018 Live in The Rock Room (Album), Walt Wilkins & Kevin Welch (Co-producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering)

2018 Call Me Lucky (Double Album), Chris Smither (Piano, Organ, Engineer, Mixer)

2018 Live in The Rock Room (Album), Walt Wilkins & Kevin Welch (Co-producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering)

2016 At Sea (Album), Velo (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering)

2016 The Logic We Don’t Understand (Album), Freerunner (Co-producer, Engineer, Mixer)

2012 - Present, Songwriting With: Soldiers (Engineer, Mixing)

2015 Shake You From My Bones (Single), Mike Meadows (Engineer, Mixer)

2015 Just Like Sunday EP, Leah Nobel (Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Rhodes, Piano)

2015 Spring EP, VELO (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

2015 The Cuckoo (Single), Mike Meadows (Engineer, Mixer)

2015 Mine To Give, Brady Allen (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Piano, Wurlitzer)

2015 Winter EP, VELO (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

2015 Some Ideas (Single), VELO (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

2015 Sunshine (Single), Messages (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Piano)

2015 All The Ghosts Are Gone, Marcus Brown (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Piano)

2015 Strangers Again EP, Leah Nobel (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Piano, Wurlitzer)

2014 Head Up Shoulders Back, Ross Brown (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Piano)

2014 For Keeps, Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt (Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Organ, Piano)

2013 Live From The Artists Den, Phoenix (Engineer)

2013 allone, Papa Peachez (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Writer, Piano, Drum Beatz)

2013 20 miniatures for solo piano, John Arndt (Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering)

2013 The Barn Birds, Jonathan Byrd (Engineer)

2013 Hour Before The Mourning, G. Pat Harris (Producer, Engineer, Mixing)

2013 Auroravore, Auroravore (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

2013 Our and Other Museums, Acre Yawn (Co-producer, Engineer, Mixing)

2012 Always With You EP, Taylor Powell (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

2012 In Arnica EP, Marmalakes (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

2012 Two Nights in Texas, Kate Campbell (Engineer, Editing, Mixing)

2011 Live From The Artists Den, Ray LaMontagne (Engineer)

2011 The Weather Inside, Beth Wood (Engineer, Mixing)

2011 In This Light, R.J. Cowdery (Engineer, Mixing)

2011 A Nod to Bob, Vol. 2: Nod to Bob: An Artists' Tribute to Bob Dylan on His 70th Birthday (Engineer, Producer)

2011 Man of Many Moons, Danny Schmidt (Engineer, Piano, Producer)

2010 Colors Between Names EP, Auroravore (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

2010 Honky Tonk Merry Go Round, Lucky Tomblin (Engineer, Mixer)

2010 Miracle, Robbie Seay Band (Engineer)

2010 Swanlights, Antony and the Johnsons (Engineer)

2009 500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sessions, Cliff Eberhardt (Engineer, Mixing)

2009 Epilepsy Is Dancing, Antony and the Johnsons (Engineer)

2009 Limited Edition Tour Pack, Coldplay (Pro-Tools Engineer, Mix Assistant, Digital Editing)

2009 Rêves, Grégory Lemarchal (Assistant, Pro-Tools Engineer)

2009 Song Up in Her Head, Sarah Jarosz (Assistant Engineer, Audio Engineer)

2009 Tango Magnetism, Todd Oxford (Mixing)

2009 The Crying Light, Antony and the Johnsons (Audio Engineer, Engineer)

2009 Wishing Sky, Billy Crockett (Engineer, Mixing)

2008 Another World, Antony and the Johnsons (Engineer)

2008 Scott Matthew, Scott Matthew (Audio Engineer, Piano)

2007 Bravo Hits, Vol. 56 (Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant)

2007 Christmas Grass, Vol. 3 (Audio Engineer)

2007 Les Pas d'Un Ange: l'Integral, Grégory Lemarchal (Assistant, Digital Engineer)

2007 Red Hot from Blue Rock, Lucky Tomblin (Engineer, Mixing, Tracking)

2006 About-Face, The Working Title (Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant)

2006 Happiness & Disaster, Stabilo (Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant)

2006 In a Honky-Tonk Mood, Lucky Tomblin (Mixing)

2006 Inside In/Inside Out, The Kooks (Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant)

2006 Nothing Left to Lose, Mat Kearney (Audio Engineer, Digital Editing, Engineer, Mixing Assistant)

2006 Shortbus (Engineer, Mixing)

2005 Breathe In, Lucie Silvas (Digital Editing, Mixing)

2005 Fix You, Coldplay (Digital Editing, Pro-Tools Engineer, Mixing Assistant)

2005 Half Light, Athlete (Digital Editing, Engineer, Mixing Assistant)

2005 Half Light, Pt. 2, Athlete (Digital Editing, Engineer, Mixing Assistant)

2005 Je Deviens Moi, Grégory Lemarchal (Assistant, Digital Editing)

2005 Octavarium, Dream Theater (Pro-Tools Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Digital Editing)

2005 Past Perfect Future Tense, Magne F (Assistant Engineer)

2005 Talk, Coldplay (Mixing Assistant, Pro-Tools Engineer)

2005 The Game Is Won, Pt. 1, Lucie Silvas (Mixing Assistant, Pro-Tools)

2005 The Game Is Won, Pt. 2, Lucie Silvas (Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant)

2005 The Golden Republic, The Golden Republic (Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant)

2005 The Roads Don't Love You, Gemma Hayes (Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant, Pro-Tools)

2005 Tourist, Athlete (Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant, Pro-Tools Engineer)

2005 X&Y, Coldplay (Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant, Pro-Tools Engineer)

2004 Old Friends: Live on Stage, Simon & Garfunkel (Assistant Engineer)

2004 Old Friends: Live on Stage [DVD], Simon & Garfunkel (Assistant Engineer)

2004 Retriever, Ron Sexsmith (Assistant Engineer)

2004 Just as I Am (5.1 Remix), Bill Withers (Assistant Engineer, Pro-Tools Engineer, Mix Assist)

2004 Since Kyabram, Declan O'Rourke (Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant)

2004 The Battle for Everything, Five for Fighting (Assistant Engineer)

2004 We Are Not Alone, Breaking Benjamin (Assistant Engineer)

2004 Glide, Neil Nathan (Pre-Production)

2004 The Kissing Rocks, Bob Parins (Engineer, Organ)

2002 Escribiendo una Historia, Caballo Dorado (Engineer, Production Assistant)