Keith Gary Productions

Professional world-class audio production.

Keith Gary has been working professionally in the music industry for fifteen years as a producer, engineer, & mixer.  He has an organic and unique approach to producing music.  Expert engineering and mixing, as well as overall musical guidance, based on a wealth of experience in all genres of music, from classical to metal.  Creativity, artistry, spontaneity, and collaboration are the keys to his methods.

The Austin, TX Wrecking Crew:

Firestation Studios (San Marcos, TX)

Keith's favorite room to track in.  The very large live room has a fantastic vibe and sound.  9' Kawai grand piano, NEW 88-key Ferrari Red Rhodes Mark 7 electric piano, Hammond C-3 Organ and Leslie Cabinet, real plate reverb, extensive mic collection and outboard gear, 24 channel SSL Duality Console, Pro Tools 12 clocked by Antelope, Nice size ISO booth and hallways and baffles for amps.  This is a great solution to record four of five piece bands live, yet with isolation.


Mike Meadows - Drums/Percussion (Austin, TX)

Mike is an astonishingly versatile drummer and percussionist with an arsenal of sounds and feels.  He always has another trick up his sleeve, and I haven't found anything he can't do...and do very well.  Wildly creative, laid back, and studio savvy...Mike is the ultimate session drummer.


David "Goody" Goodrich - All Things Guitar (Austin, TX)

He's as Goody as it gets.  Seriously.  Humility, generosity, and happiness pour out of Goody's presence.  Also he is a genius at any acoustic or electric stringed instrument, and brings them all to the session.  Dark, Ambient, Earth Shattering, Quirky, Fun, Goofy, Heartbreaking...the sounds he makes always complement the song in meaningful ways, and he has tone for days.


Sam Pankey - Acoustic and Electric Bass (Austin, TX)

He plays the right notes at the right time on the right instrument with the right tone.  And he's funny, too.  Top competitor in international bass competitions and player of all styles, with a classical and jazz background.


Waldo Wittenmeyer - Piano, Organ, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Synths (Austin, TX)

Inventive and versatile musician and a world class player of anything he can get his hands on.  A wonderful addition to any session of any style.  Plays with both Velo and TøMA in Austin.


More friends and colleagues:

Church House Studios (Austin, TX)

Church House is in a hip neighborhood on the East side of Austin, with a wide selection of vintage goodies.  A nice sounding live room with a very vibrant presence, great people, great mics and gear, and a slew of vintage keyboards and synths.


Songwriting With: Soldiers

Founded by Darden Smith and Mary Judd, SWS is a non-profit committed to helping veteran soldiers heal through song.  Retreats bring a group of soldiers together with revered singer-songwriters from all over the country, and they collaborate on songs together.  Award-winning songwriters are helping soldiers tell their stories through music, and everybody wins!   SWS retreats occur a few times each year, and Keith brings out a mobile recording studio to capture the songs right after they're written.  If you're interested in giving, this is a wonderful non-profit to consider.


Harlan Hodges - Arranger (Austin, TX)

Harlan has been Keith's primary string and horn arranger, and also his piano/keyboard ringer for sessions.  Harlan has extensively studied classical and jazz piano, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, sound design, and somehow also managed to get his pilot's license.  Keith and Harlan have collaborated on numerous albums, as well as commericals, short films, corporate videos, and films.  World class.


Rodney Bursiel - Photographer (Wimberley, TX)

Rodney is Keith's go to photographer for any visual needs.  Though he's mainly up to surf photography these days, Rodney still enjoys shooting album covers, press photos, poster shots, etc...  Check out his work with Billy Gibbons and Willie Nelson!


Chris Athens Masters - Mastering Engineer (Austin, TX)

Chris is a veteran mastering engineer with 13 years experience at the world renowned Sterling Sound in New York City.  His credit list is extensive, including Coldplay (I worked on that one, too!), Ben Folds, Drake, and countless others.  His recent move to Austin has allowed for an exciting collaboration.